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You will discover documentaries is made from around the world. Documentary films illuminate unexplored worlds and stories, and provide an artistic lens through which you can discover new things. If you are a big fan of documentaries then you are going to love this article that we will introduce some insightful documentary movies for you.

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Einstein’s Equation Of Life and Death

In the summer of 1939 Albert Einstein was on holiday in a small resort town on the tip of Long Island. His peaceful summer, however, was about to be shattered by a visit from an old friend and colleague from his years in Berlin. The visitor was the physicist Leo Szilard. He had come to tell Einstein that he feared the Nazis could soon be in possession of a terrible...

Smartest Machine on Earth

An example of geeky-brainiac cross-promotion, Smartest Machine on Earth provides the background to next week’s Jeopardy showdown between Ken Jennings, whose face Alex Trebek got good and sick of in 2004; Brad Rutter, the winner of the most money in the show’s history; and Watson, an IBM computer that is the end result of a four-year effort to build...

The Big Uneasy

The leaders of two scientific investigation teams, and one whistle-blower - as they reveal the true story of why the city flooded, why it could happen again, and why other U.S. cities are at risk. It's the "news" the mainstream news media missed; an inside look at a disaster that could have been prevented from the people who were there...

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