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How to Clean the iPad?

Maybe you have bought your iPad and posted a screen protection film for your iPad for a long time. All kinds of fingerprints, sweat, oil, grease etc. will be remained on the iPad. If you ignore this dirty trace, it will not only affect your iPad big and HD screen, but also make great damage for your iPad. So it is necessary for you to regularly clean iPad screen.

We will recommend two ways to teach you how to clean the iPad.

Two ways to Clean iPad


1: A cleaning cloth (regular cotton, lens cloth, LCD cleaning cloth and other types of soft cloth)

2: iKlear and your iPad which is posted a protection film.

Steps to Clean iPad Screen

1: Unplug the unit and shut your iPad, wipe the screen with a clean cloth, because of iPad screen with a finger touch, it is inevitable difficult to remove grease just buying using the clean cloth.

2: Then 1-2 drops of iKlear on the cloth, lightly wipe the screen, it will thoroughly remove stubborn stains, and will not have any bad impact of your iPad.

The another way to teach you how to clean the iPad. Just use the Zippo oil. The steps is the same as the iKlear cleaning. But if your iPad is not posted a screen protection film, you'd better not use this method.

When you know how to clean the iPad screen, you can clean your beloved iPhone, iPod, iPad easily and make them as new one. Then you can watch as many movies as you like. Here, we offer you a site to download a lot of movies - themovie-downloading.

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